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LBJs Great Society Essay -- Lyndon B. Johnson LBJ American Politics

When Lyndon B. Johnson succeeded the presidency after John F. Kennedy's assassination he spoke of his vision of a Great Society in America. This Great Society included "an end to poverty and racial injustice," and also was intended to turn America into a place where kids can enhance their mind, broaden their talents, and people could restore their connection with the environment. In order to reach his goal, LBJ enacted numerous proposals involving taxes, civil rights, poverty, and much more. For the most part Johnson did an excellent job on delivering his promises, but international affairs threatened the Great Society and although LBJ won the presidency in a landslide victory in 1964, by 1966 he and the Supreme Court began to face serious criticism. The one of the first passed in 1964 was the Tax Reduction Act which cut by about $10 billion the taxes mainly paid by conglomerates and well-to-do. Another major characteristic of the Great Society was civil rights. In 1964 the Civil Rights Act barred discrimination in public places, any federally aided program, and most employment. ...

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Advertising and News Environment in Media Communications

The advertising and news environments in media communications are catered to the interests of the targeted audience. Companies advertise toys on channels that children watch as a means of influencing them to ask their parents to buy a specific item. Advertisements on a channel that broadcasts programs about the outdoors will have the products that are most interesting to people who enjoy the outdoor experience. â€Å"This language of advertising, although less apparent to communicator and audience alike, is firmly anchored to cultural norms and often says more about a society’s psyche than the more obvious stereotypes of content† (Unwin, 1974, p. 4). The news environment in media communications is often more diversified because people who watch the news often belong to a wider variety of consumers from teenagers to parents. The concept of media planning is important so that the advertisements reach the company’s targeted audience. â€Å"The purpose of media plan ning is to conceive, analyze, and creatively select channels of communication that will direct advertising messages to the right people in the right place† (Arens, 2009, p. 280). To gain a better understanding about the decision made by the advertising and news environments in the industry of media communications, it is necessary to determine the influence of advertising and news on society. Commercials often focus on introducing a product or service to the public, or providing subliminal messages inspiring brand loyalty whereas the information from a news press release provides vital information about upcoming events to both the internal and external publics of an organization. During the â€Å"Anderson Cooper 360 degrees† talk show, the advertisements seemed to focus on regular advertisements, but one of the major focuses was cellular devices. This segment covered the latest information available on the George Zimmerman, Treyvon Martin case. The controversy associated with the cellular phone calls placed by George Zimmerman and Treyvon Martin prompted cellular companies to attempt to capitalize on the focus of cellular phones. The most dominant advertising force during the program was the computer and electronic device giant Apple Inc. The iPhone 5 advertisement’s intentions were to continue to establish the Iphone as the best option for smart phone users. In June 2007, the Apple Corporation released one of the newest smart phones with the intentions of crushing the efforts of its competition including the creators of the Blackberry and Android cellular phones. The targeted audience was cellular customers who wanted more from their smart phones. The ad reads â€Å"Touching is believing† encouraging people to enjoy the benefits of a cellular phone, iPod, and computer compatible with Apple computers both laptops and desktops. The effect of the advertisement is intended to spark interest in its targeted audience and continues to establish brand loyalty during this cellular phone revolution. The commercial that ran almost every commercial break implies that at this point nothing else matters but trying the new iPhone 5, upgrading a person’s cellular phone experience, and an attempt to divert the attention of one of the newest cellular devices, the Galaxy S4. The advertisements for the Galaxy S4 focused on the phone’s ability to send messages, search the Internet, and use social networking websites during on a phone call. Was this another subliminal message that focused on the phone conversation that Treyvon Martin was on during the altercation ? If he had a better phone could he have altered someone about the guy following him before it was too late. Regardless of the intentions, specific, or indirect, of the Galaxy S4 the actions influenced by the agenda setting theory used by the company focused on the differences between the Galaxy S4 and the iPhone. These differences are often the determining factor between why a person picks one product over another. Even though an issue in the George Zimmerman case was the issue of the cellular phone conversation, the majority of the commercials were not directly related to the news story contained in the program. The news environment associated with the program â€Å"Anderson Cooper 360 degrees†, focused on the objectivity of the jury on the evidence presented in the case. The information presented had a balanced approach to the situation because some guests sided with the family of the victim whereas others were focused on the issue of self-defense. This balanced pproach questioned issues such as sensationalism, persuasion, and journalistic ethics. Because this case is a sensitive subject sparking questions of racial profiling, self-defense, and the protocol of a neighborhood watchman there were many issues intended to catch the attention of the audience. One area of focus were the laws associated with self-defense in the state of Florida. â€Å"These laws, commonly referred to as castle laws, stand-your-ground laws, or shoot first, ask questions later laws, have the common feature of strengthening legal protections for those use deadly force in self-defense† (Holliday, 2012, p. 07, para. 1). The â€Å"shoot first, ask questions later† approach of George Zimmerman was criticized because of the recording of the phone call where the 9-11 operator told Zimmerman not to follow the individual. One of the major points of Anderson Cooper was that even though George Zimmerman had the right to protect himself, he was instructed to leave the situation alone because a police unit was on the way to investigate the so-called suspicious individual. Had Mr. Zimmerman followed the instructions he would have been in a situation in which he believed he had to defend himself. CNN’s program, â€Å"Anderson Cooper 360 degrees† focused on the sensitive elements and evidence associated with the George Zimmerman case. The program touched on the areas of objectivity, persuasion, sensationalism, and self-defense. The commercials had an indirect association with the information provided in the program. The frequent advertising of cellular devices was a subliminal tactic to establish brand loyalty, and make users question, or appreciate their current cellular phone carriers. However, outside the phone conversations held by Treyvon Martin with a friend, and George Zimmerman with the 9-11 operator the commercials during the program were random focusing on the average audience member’s interest. The news environment portrayed a surprising balance of opinions whereas the guests focused on the facts, laws, and any situational analysis conducted on the evidence available for the George Zimmerman case. The influence of advertising and news on society has a general approach with subliminal sodalities.

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The Difference between Todays Post-modern World and the...

The difference between today’s post-modern world and the Middle Ages is immeasurable. The working of society and the ways of thinking are directly in contrast to one another, ranging from the role of religion, to the advancement of technology and art. It makes you wonder what a person from those times would think if they could see how far the world has progressed and how things have changed now. Back then, the medieval towns were dirty and disease ridden. The butchers and townspeople were told to put their waste out on the street. Human waste and garbage was included in this waste. Medieval towns did not have the garbage or sewer system that exists today; this resulted in the streets being a main source of disposal for the townspeople. Rats were very common. Water was far from clean as the local river was polluted from the wastes that were tossed over. Therefore, since the river was the main source of water for the townspeople and because they knew little about health and hygiene, disease was very common. The townspeople had no other choice but to use the river as their main source. Today, clean water is available to any citizen of a city or town. In the medieval town those of royalty had access to many kinds of wine while the poor did not. Today, everyone is open to the beverage of their choice at a fair cost of course. The peasants who worked for the Lords and King were not capable of reading, as they did not have the knowledge to do so. If they went to a shop for aShow MoreRelatedThe Bombing Of Lahore, Pakistan1641 Words   |  7 Pageshorror and violent nature of the story and the photos as well as the constant international attention on terrorism makes the story impactful and fits with the unfortunately familiar narrative that has developed in the post-9/11 world. The story broke on Easter morning all over the world, and therefore, it fits four of the five criteria that Doris Graber and Johanna Dunaway set in Mass Media and American Politics for how stories are deemed newsworthy (113-114). However, the final criterion, proximityRead MoreImplementing Educational Applications And Software Into Their Products And Digital Store1294 Words   |  6 Pagesthat can be utilized in the classroom to aid in lesson planning and improve learning. While you can use this specific application via a Mac or PC, the benefit is obvious and can be accessed easily via a tablet. The reason this is so important in today’s school setting is because schools around the country are already adapting to the growth in technology. They have changed their teaching methods to cater towards popular technological trends. For example, online classes have been introduced due toRead MoreThe Modern Human Resources Department1361 Words   |  6 PagesThis article discusses the foundations of the modern human resources department and covers the three historical periods of development to where modern human resources has evolved. There are three main historical periods that are discussed including - pre-industrial, bureaucratic, and high performance. All three of these periods have played a vital role in the field of Human Resources. The pre-industrial period ended with the revolutionary war. This time period saw a lack of human resource managementRead MoreSociology : How Human Action And Consciousness Sha pe The Surrounding Of Cultural And Social Culture1734 Words   |  7 Pagesunderstands the social worlds, which people live, and shapes everyone’s lives. Through sociology’s theories and research methods, it helps expand our awareness of human relationships and history. Throughout the years of sociology, many sociologists have debated on what sociology is and what it is not. What is sociology? Sociology is the systematic study of the relationship between individuals and society. It can be thought as a perspective, and a way of looking at the world. Sociological perspectiveRead More Ability Tracking Essay1707 Words   |  7 Pageslearn best when grouped with students of similar capabilities or levels of achievement.†(Perceptions) There are many arguments for either side, thus begging the question â€Å"is ability grouping an efficient way to handle differences in student abilities?†(Education World) Contrary to today’s popular opinion, which naturally runs against the current educational structure of our schools, I believe ability tracking is an effective and worthwhile means of educating our youth, for a variety of reasons. AbilityRead MoreHow Does Art Reflect Britain Essay examples1374 Words   |  6 Pagescomparison with your own country. For many years Britain have its own unique and old history, for example, art. But in the beginning, British art was not as wide-ranging and popular as the present. It develops as time goes on, and there was big difference between each period, such as The Ambassadors from 1533, showing the lifestyle of upper class, Rain, Steam and Speed from 1844, it reflects that industrialists had new production techniques, Just what is it†¦? from 1956 which combined both fantasy andRead MoreChina’s Education System1434 Words   |  6 PagesEducation is the process of learning and acquiring knowledge at school from a teacher, receiving knowledge at home from a parent, a family member, and even friend. Education is a key that allows people to move up in the world, seek better jobs, and succeed in life. Education is one factor that affects job positions people hold, advance in their further career, the income they make, and the title they hold. The more educated a person is, the more pr estige and power that person holds. Education improvesRead MoreComparing El Paso, Texas And London Essay1374 Words   |  6 Pagesoptions to two cities its important to look at similarities and differences. Although El Paso, Texas and London, England are similar in their cheap housing and exuberant job opportunities, they differ in their getaways, job opportunities, and housing. El Paso and London are very similar in that the cities don t only offer housing at a very affordable rate, but also have created ways to employ its citizens. The similarities between the cities affordable homes is that both are using cheaper areasRead MoreBusiness Communication in the Past 20 Years1406 Words   |  6 Pagespublic relation, event management, interpersonal communication, corporate communication, advertising, customer relation and employ engagement. One can relate the field of business communication to technical communication as there is many similarities between both fields. Channels which used in business communication include radio, television, internet, word of mouth and print media. Internal communication can also be defined as business communication which is managed by director of communication whereRead MoreHow Has Realism Theory Played a Key Role in Israeli and Palestinian Relations 2189 Words   |  9 PagesArabian societies have engaged in one of the most c omplicated and lengthy conflicts known to mankind, the makings of a highly difficult peace process. Unfortunately for all the world’s peacemakers the Arab-Israeli conflict, particularly the war between Israel and the Palestinian Territories, is rooted in far more then ethnic tensions. Instead of drawing attention towards high-ranking officials of the Israeli government and Hamas, focus needs to be diverted towards the more suspect and subtle international

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Girl Interuppted - 2146 Words

Girl Interrupted: Susanna Kaysen’s Mental Illness Katie Casebeer Margaret Gibson Amancio Lopes Molly Rather Boston College PY230 The film, Girl, Interrupted, is based on the life and memoir of Susanna Kaysen. During the late 1960’s Susanna Kaysen, attempted suicide and checked herself into a mental health hospital for two years. This movie adaptation weaves together the intricacies of Susanna’s personal life, the pressures of a changing society and the unexpected friendships she formed while committed to the hospital. In the film, directed by James Mangold, Susana is played by Winnona Ryder. The movie is made up of small vignettes of Susanna’s life. Susana is from a well-off family, but considers herself an outsider and†¦show more content†¦Her impulsivity is seen in both her promiscuity and substance abuse in the movie. Susanna has an affair with one of her high school teachers. She also kisses one of the male attendants in the hospital, which is clearly against the rules. These risky sexual acts are a component to her disorder. These reckless decisions with her promiscuity and substance use are seen as one of the symptoms of her disorder. Another symptom is her frequent feelings of intense anger. Susanna tends to overreact to situations and become overly angry when things upset her. She frequently lashes out at inappropriate times, especially with the professionals in the hospital. When the therapists and staff try to help her, she usually becomes rude and angry and denies any form of help. Another one of Susanna’s symptoms is her suicidal tendencies. Susanna is seen talking intensely about death and having suicidal thoughts with her boyfriend. In the opening scene of the movie, Susanna has attempted suicide by overdosing on aspirin and alcohol. She also has bruises from pounding her wrists. However, throughout the movie she is in denial of her suicide attempt and when asked about it claims she did not try to kill herself and â€Å"just had a headache.† Her denial of her suicidal tendencies is also considered a symptom of her

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Authentic Leadership The Most Prized Organizational And...

Goffee and Jones (2005) describe authentic leadership as the most prized organizational and individual asset as authentic leadership plays a key role in organizational changes by helping employees find value in their work and life and the supporting work environment (Avolio Gardner, 2005; Luthans Avolio, 2003). Several studies have examined the influence of authentic leadership on followers in terms of building confidence, creating hope, job satisfaction, engagement, and performance (e.g., Avolio et al., 2004a; Gardner Schermerhorn, 2004; Gardner et al., 2005). In recent years, the topic of employee engagement in the workplace has gained an increase in popularity as it has been determined that employee engagement predicts high†¦show more content†¦For example, Gardner et al. (2005) suggested that followers who work with authentic leaders also develop authentic followership resulting in workplace well-being and increased work engagement. Moreover, Ilies, Morgeson, and Nahr gang (2005) found that authentic leadership positively affects followers’ behaviors through providing support for self-determination. Furthermore, authentic leaders have â€Å"developed the capacity to examine moral dilemmas from several perspectives and make moral judgement calls when confronted with issues that do not have clear solutions† Luthans, F., Luthans, K.W., Hodgetts, R.M. and Luthans, B.C. (2002). There have been theoretical attempts to articulate the construct of authentic leadership. However, measuring authenticity remains a challenge. Walumbwa et al. (2008) agree with this notion and note that shortage of empirical work on authentic leadership is essentially because of inherent complexity involved in measure authenticity of leadership behavior. In earlier attempts to measure authenticity, Terry (1993) suggests seven criteria to judge the reliability of our partial knowledge about authenticity. These seven criteria are: correspondence,

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Business Social Research Methods

Question: Required to produce a written submission demonstrating the skills involved in the process of defining, developing, conducting and reporting a research project and creating a research proposal? Proposal will include areas such as a title page, contents page, an introduction to the topic of interest, a mini literature review, a research question /sub questions drawn from the literature review, a choice of method/s and a timeline of work and limitations? Answer: Literature Review Loan in football refers to the specific arrangement in which case a particular player is permitted to play temporarily for a club apart from the club the player is having a contract. Earlier, loan system was not frequent, but now the trend has changed (Carlisle, 2011). Liverpool has ten, Chelsa has twenty six and Arsenal has nineteen players out on loan. Loan deals may be short term as well as long term and players are loaned by other clubs die to various reason (DELANEY, 2014). It has been observed that generally, young footballers are loaned to a club in the lower leagues for gaining first team experience (Gibson, 2014). In this period, the parent club is accountable for paying the salary to the loaned player. Generally, a club chooses to loan a player when they encounter shortage in the transfer fund (Lawrence, 2014). Additionally, it has been observed that clubs take loan in order to cover suspensions and injuries of the regular players. It has been observed that the football pla yers are loaned as they are not happy or having some dispute with their current club (Simmons, 2007). It is evident that loan system significantly helps the recipient club to get a player employed as well as trained by a big club. It is considered to be a major advantage for the club availing the loan system. It has been observed that most of the big clubs take the cream of the young talented footballers for filling their academies. Short term loans have some issues. A club can loan footballer for one or two months and they do not need to make significant contribution to his wages and therefore it can achieve an unfair advantage over their rivals (Rayner, 2013). The smaller clubs or the recipient clubs identify the suspensions s well as injuries which indicate the need for strengthening their team and they do not need to commit any finances for the transaction. In this manner, the recipient club gains unfair benefits over their competitors who do not have the same squad restrictions (Williams, 2011). Loan system has significant implication for the parent club. When a club does not want to sell or transfer a player, it chooses to send the footballer out on loan so that the young footballer can get his regular football. This ensures that the value of the player is maintained. When a footballer is playing in reserve he does not get thee exposure which is gained while he is playing at the lower level (Jurejko, 2015). The footballer gets a chance to appear in the lower division that gives an opportunity to play in front of the large crowd. This was not possible if the footballer was only engaged in playing the reserve football (SHERGOLD, 2013). Additionally, it has been found that this is a test of the attitude of the footballers. It helps in testing his potential to consider this and opportunity and to utilize it. If the young footballer can perform well in those matches, the employer or the parent club would continue the contract with him. It is important for the young players to ex perience the league football. Research Aims and Objectives Research aims and objectives of this study are listed below: To analyze the concept of loan moves for young elite footballers. To assess the importance as well as effectiveness of the loan system in football. Research Question Addressing the research questions significantly helps in achieving the research objectives. The research questions of this study are given below: What are the implications of loan system for the parent club and recipient club? What is the effectiveness and importance of loan move for the young elite footballers? Research Methodology Research methodology is an indispensable aspect of research proposal and success of the research is significantly reliant upon the research methodology. It is a comprehensive approach that helps in providing clear understanding of several components of the research study (Jha, 2008). The research methodology focus on designing a research methodology that is appropriate for achieving the research aims of objectives (Adams, 2007). As it is crucial for the success of the, the researcher must be careful in determining the path of the research for the specific study. This section will illustrate the approach and design of the research along with the technique for collecting different types of data. Research Opinion Research onion is referred as the metaphor that illustrates distinct elements of a particular research study. It is a systematic approach that identifies all the essential components for addressing the research problems. The research onion has been conceptualized for elucidating various phases that is essential to undertake as each of the steps has a specific implications. Hence, the researcher needs to set off the procedure of exploration from the outer most layer of the conceptual replica. In this manner, each layer of the research onion will be addressed for reaching a firm conclusion. This conceptual replica of the research methodology is accountable for making significant contribution that structures various activities and developing effective strategies so that the research study can be guided to the right direction (Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill, 2007). Research Philosophy The first or the outer most layer of the research onion is termed as research philosophy which is associated with a set of idea or belief related to the type of thee environment. This layer is majorly responsible for justifying how the research study will be conducted. As this is the first layer, other activities and approach of the research studies are found to be significantly reliant upon the research philosophy. Two common philosophies are positivism and constructism (Walliman, 2006). This paper aims to analyze the importance as well as effectiveness of loan moves in case of the young footballers. Hence, positivism philosophy will be suitable in conducting the study in the desired direction. Research Approach Research approach is one of the most important and the second layer of the research onion. It plays a major role in determining the research pathway along with various activities of the research in order to achieve its objective. Generally researchers use either inductive or deductive approach for the exploration study. In case of inductive approach, the researcher needs to move from a specific approach in order to draw a generalized conclusion (Supino and Borer, 2012). In this case, theoretical evidences are not fund and it helps in development of a new theory on the basis of observation. In contrast, deductive approach generally focuses on development of the study on the basis of existing research study. It has been observed that positivist philosophy encourages adopting deductive approach (Welman et al., 2005). In this case, statistical and analytical tools will be utilized for analysis of the gathered information. Therefore, in this study, deductive approach is appropriate. Research Design Research design is the third layer that is accountable for determining the pathway of the study and ensuring the right direction of the paper. This research study has emphasized on analyzing the importance of the loan move for the young football players. There are three common types of research designs: descriptive explanatory and exploratory (Adams, 2007). In this paper, descriptive design has been found to be suitable for the objectives of this research study. Descriptive study assists in making significant contribution in order to analyze the outcomes of the research study by addressing the predetermined research questions. Thus, descriptive approach can satisfy the principle requirements of this study and it must be chosen (Bryman, 2008). Data Collection Method The results of the research are dependent on the collected data. The results of the study are also reliant upon the information gathered by the researcher. Hence, it is very important to collect data carefully so that those are reliable as well as relevant. This research study will require two types of data primary and secondary (Walliman, 2006). Primary Data Collection Method Primary data can be collected by conducting surveys, interviews etc. These data are directly collected by questioning the respondents so that they can express their views regarding that topic. In this study, the football club authorities and the young football players must be interviewed. It must be noted that the club authorities and football players must voluntarily take part in the interview. A set of open ended questions must be prepared (Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill, 2007). Secondary Data Collection Method Secondary data refers to the available information relevant to the topic. Theoretical frameworks, research findings of studies etc are included within the secondary data. In this study secondary data will be collected from trusted resources such as peer reviewed journal articles, trusted websites and newspaper articles (Supino and Borer, 2012). Analysis of Data The gathered data will be analyzed with the aid of various analytical tools. It is evident that the study will gather qualitative data and hence, qualitative data analysis will be helpful in analyzing the primary as well as secondary data. This technique will help in achieving the firm conclusion (Morse, 2009). Gantt Chart/ Timeline Gantt Chart helps in providing an overview of all the activities along with the time taken for completion of each task. It is a systematic presentation of the research activities that needs to be conducted within the stated time period in order to complete the study within the stipulated time. Principal Activities Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Selection of research topic and analysis of research scope Identification of secondary data sources Literature Review Description of Research Methodology Preparation of survey questions Collection of primary data Data analysis Comparison of findings Conclusion and recommendation Final submission Limitations of the Study This research study has few limitations and those are listed below: It is evident that the time period allocated for conducting study is inadequate and time constraint has reduced the scope of the study. This paper has only considered the club authorities and the young football players for gathering relevant information. Other people engaged with football and its administration may have a different perspective that is not considered in this paper. In this study the data collection mechanism has been administrated by the researcher and it may lead to social biasness. References Adams, J. (2007).Research methods for graduate business and social science students. New Delhi: SAGE Publications. Bryman, A. (2008).Social research methods. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Carlisle, J. (2011).Carlisle: The weird world of being on loan. [online] ESPN.com. Available at: https://espn.go.com/sports/soccer/news/_/columnist/carlisle_jeff/id/6932906/the-weird-world-being-loan-soccer-jeff-carlisle [Accessed 13 May 2015]. DELANEY, M. (2014).Arsenal manager Arsne Wenger slams player loan system. [online] The Independent. Available at: https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/arsenal-manager-arsne-wenger-slams-player-loan-system-9241211.html [Accessed 13 May 2015]. Gibson, O. (2014).Madness of Premier League loan game. [online] BBC Sport. Available at: https://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/29280337 [Accessed 13 May 2015]. Jha, N. (2008).Research methodology. Chandigarh: Abhishek Publications. Jurejko, J. (2015).England gets emergency loan reprieve. [online] BBC Sport. Available at: https://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/31992432 [Accessed 13 May 2015]. Lawrence, A. (2014).Madness of Premier League loan game. [online] BBC Sport. Available at: https://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/29280337 [Accessed 13 May 2015]. Morse, J. (2009). Mixing Qualitative Methods.Qualitative Health Research, 19(11), pp.1523-1524. Rayner, S. (2013).The Agenda: Loan system is damaging Premier League football. [online] journallive. Available at: https://www.thejournal.co.uk/sport/sport-opinion/agenda-loan-system-damaging-premier-6193862 [Accessed 13 May 2015]. Saunders, M., Lewis, P. and Thornhill, A. (2007).Research methods for business students. Harlow, England: Financial Times/Prentice Hall. SHERGOLD, A. (2013).Thought all the transfer wheeling and dealing had ended? Think again... the Emergency Loan Window has opened!. [online] Mail Online. Available at: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2274879/Football-League-loan-window-explained.html [Accessed 13 May 2015]. Simmons, R. (2007). OVERPAID ATHLETES? COMPARING AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN FOOTBALL.WorkingUSA, 10(4), pp.457-471. Supino, P. and Borer, J. (2012).Principles of research methodology. New York, NY: Springer. Walliman, N. (2006).Social research methods. London: SAGE. Welman, C., Kruger, F., Mitchell, B. and Huysamen, G. (2005).Research methodology. Cape Town: Oxford University Press. Williams, R. (2011).Football's short-team loan system is in dire need of reformation | Richard Williams. [online] the Guardian. Available at: https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2011/feb/22/football-loans-richard-williams [Accessed 13 May 2015].

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Third and Final Continent Essay Example

Third and Final Continent Paper Each country represents his emotional situation of life. India: His own birthplace; his own roots; London: Away from home, but still living with the Bengali boys, still firmly attached to the culture; and the third and the final country : United States : where he learned to adopt the American culture to such an extent that, in the beginning, he had to try to adjust with his Indian wife, in which he eventually succeeds. Actually Lair takes the readers on a voyage in the life of an ordinary but an ambitious man. At first the readers may not sound the narrator ambitious, but on looking deep in to the story, one can easily find the ambition of the narrator In establishing himself on the foreign ground, constantly struggling to ascertain himself between the eastern and western cultures. In fact, looking at the last paragraph of the story, the narrator himself admits his ambitiousness in the following lines, In my sons eyes I see the ambition that had first hurled me across the world. (Lair 663) In spite of being ambitious, the narrator is an ordinary man, coming from a middle class Indian family. His fathers death had left his mother insane and forced his brother to leave the school in order to run the house. As a result, the narrator does not having the luxuries of having a personal apartment in England. Instead, [he] lived in London, in Funfairs Park. In a house occupied entirely by penniless Bengali bachelors like [himself], at least a dozen and sometimes more, all struggling to educate and establish [themselves] abroad. (Lain 650). In London, the narrator Is, no doubt, far from his home but not far from his culture because he and his roommates were cooking pots of egg curry, which [they] ate with our hands n a table covered with newspapers (664) . Some weekends the narrator and his roommates would Invite stall more Bengali, to whom lately Ana Introduced [themselves] at the greengrocer, or on the Tube, and [they] made yet more egg curry, and played Musses on a Grinding reel-to-reel (664). Here the storyteller shows his firm attachment to his own culture. We will write a custom essay sample on Third and Final Continent specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Third and Final Continent specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Third and Final Continent specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Listening to Musses (An Indian famous playback singer) or eating egg-curry is typically Indian. The egg-curry is assigned with a significant attachment which is mentioned repeatedly in the story. Whether cooking or the first time for his wife or eating with his son -with hands- at the end of the story. The quest to still move higher and to reach the heights which the narrator might have set for himself were so high that the major events like his own wedding or the historical event of the astronauts planting the American flag on the moon were of least important to him. He was still struggling to establish himself in America. Lair has beautifully guides her readers to understand the narrators state of mind by describing the view outside the windows of narrators places of residence. For example, when he looks from the window from the Y. M. C. A. , the narrator describes, A bare window overlooked Massachusetts Avenue. Car horns, shrill and prolonged, blared one after another. Sirens and flashing lights heralded endless emergencies, , throughout the night. The noise was constantly distracting, at times suffocating (653). The above description states the America never sleeps, the is life so fast and noisy that the narrator , felt it deep in [his] ribs, Just as [he] had felt the furious drone of the engine on the S. S. Aroma. But there was no ships deck to escape o, no glittering ocean to thrill [his] soul, no breeze to cool [his] face, no one to talk to (653). While describing the road which lead to Mrs. Crofts house, Lair describes , [The narrator] turned down a street shaded with trees, perpendicular to Massachusetts Avenue (655). The author has beautifully used these line to indicate the turning point in narrators life. Instead of taking a straight direction or an opposite direction, the narrator take a perpendicular direction to a street shaded with trees. Here the straight and the opposite directions signifies the eastern and the stern culture, where the narrator chooses the perpendicular direction which is in between the both directions. And the shaded trees signifies his relationship with Mrs.. Croft, with whom he found comfort. Further more the description of the view of outside from the narrators room in Mrs.. Crofts house, The window was open; net curtains stirred in the breeze. I lifted them away and inspected the view: a small back yard, with a few fruit trees and an empty clothesline. I was satisfied. (657), nicely explains the contentment of the story teller. Now here is something what the orator wants from his life; and which also Justifies that even though, he is ambitious, the narrator is an ordinary man. He does not want too much from life. He just wants a small back yard- a place for himself- , few fruit trees -few fruitful achievements in life -, and an empty clothesline -which he can fill according to his will-. This argument is proved in the end of the story where the narrator says, Mall and I live in a town about twenty miles from Boston, on a tree-lined street much like Mrs.. Crofts, in a house we own, with room for guests, and a garden that saves us room buying tomatoes in summer (663). The above lines proves that, in fact, this was what the narrator actually wanted a tree lined street much like Mrs. Croft and a garden that saved them from buying tomatoes in the summer- his own and unique way of living; an American lifestyle with an Indian touch. Lair has not only shown ten narrators amontillado In ten story, out NAS also excellently woven ten eastern Ana the western cultural aspects, guarding its own beauty respectively. Each character designed by Lair, represents its own culture in the unique way. For example, the really between the dressing style between Mall(narrators wife) and Mrs.. Croft: Both of them trying to be a perfect lady according their own cultures respectively. The parallelism between the narrator and Helene, daughter of Mrs.. Croft : Both of them have a different point of view in taking care of their mothers. The narrator worried that something would happen to her in the middle of the night, or when [he] was out during the day'(660) Where as, according to the narrator, Helen didnt seem concerned. She came and went, bringing soup for Mrs..